Who are we?

The Honey Processors and Exporters Association from Romania (APEMAR) has been established in 2013 and is, by its status, an organization open to all companies acting in the field of beekeeping. Curently, it is formed of seven companies: honey processors, exporters and packers. The members of APEMAR represent about 80% of the total Romanian processed honey (both internal and international market).

Our mission

The purpose of APEMAR is to support the work of beekeepers and honey processors, with the view to develop professional, technical and commercial services for quality assurance, national and international product promotion and market networks for export, for preserving traditional values and environmental protection.

Our vision

Our vision is, in addition to fulfilling the specific tasks deriving from the organization's status, as enforced bylaw, to support, withinin the limits of our competences and requirments, the industry improvement, at all stages from honey primary production to its delivery to the final consumer, through meeting the food safety requirements and also to ensure food security in Romania.

Latest news

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