Fileomera sediu 1Fileomera was founded in 1993 in response to the growing demand for Romanian honey of German companies interested in the mellifera Balkan region which is renowned for the excellent quality and taste of honey. Since 1995 already, the company covered approximately 40% of the entire exports of Romanian honey.

Since 1996, the company AGRECO Germany certified Fileomera for the production and marketing of BIO honey.

Fileomera has acquisition units in the country covering about 60% of Romania's surface and collects honey from a number of 5000-6000 beekeepers every year, 350 of which are certified for the production of BIO honey.

The company has implemented the management and quality control systems ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and HACCP.

Fileomera - laboratorThe laboratories at the two processing and export centers authorized for the quality control of the purchased honey, ensure the most important quality parameters of products purchased, required by the market.

For a more efficient control of the quality of the purchased products, the company acquired two presses for laminated honeycombs and entered into cooperation agreements with a number of companies from Denmark, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary, operating in the production of apiary machinery, tools and equipment.

Fileomera exports its entire honey production to Germany, France, England, Austria, Poland, Spain, Italy and other non-EU countries. The main types of honey are: rape, acacia, linden, polyflora, sunflower, coriander and raspberry.

The company’s permanent concern is to provide honey at the quantity, type and quality required by its customers.

Quick facts and figures

Based in: Narciselor St.45, Făgăraș, Brașov county, Romania

Founded in: 1993

Turnover: 7.3 mil. EURO

Number of employees: 23

Locations: 13

Processed bee honey (2020): 2320 t




Phone: +4.0268.21.88.99

General manager: Silviu Ganea